[jp] Can't get keyring working on new Tungsten-E

Mark Grieveson markgrieveson at yahoo.ca
Sun Jan 17 14:24:49 EST 2016

Hello.  I recently bought a used Tungsten-E and a new battery for it. It
works fine, but I have not been able to set up Keyring on it.  When I
try to start Keyring on jpilot, it says, "KeyRing: file
/home/mark/.jpilot/Keys-Gtkr.pdb not found.
KeyRing: Try Syncing."  But, when I try syncing, it tells me,
"sync.c:1721 Error reading file: /home/mark/.jpilot/Keys-Gtkr.pdb
Syncing Keys-Gtkr  fast_sync_application: Unable to open file:
Keys-Gtkr"  The log reads, "Unable to open file: Keys-Gtkr".

Does anyone here know how I can get Keyring working?  It worked on my
last Palm device.


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