[jp] Can't get keyring working on new Tungsten-E

Mark Grieveson markgrieveson at yahoo.ca
Thu Feb 4 16:02:33 EST 2016

Thanks Judd and Jochen.  I did get it working.  I downloaded the package
and then installed it.  The command line install of keyring-1.2.3-en.prc
did not work, but it did get installed when I tried from jpilot.  After,
I set up the password using the palm, and then synced, and I was then
able to open keyring (with the newly created password) on jpilot.  So,
all is well that ends well.

I'm surprised that I had to do this though.  I don't recall having to do
this in the past.  If I remember correctly, the jpilot-plugins package
set up keyring in the past.  Maybe I'm mistaken.  Regardless, it does
now work, so thanks for your help!


On 16-02-04 01:04 PM, Judd Montgomery wrote:
> On 02/04/2016 01:01 PM, Jochen Hoenicke wrote:
>> Hello Mark
>> 2016-02-04 17:21 GMT+01:00 Mark Grieveson <markgrieveson at yahoo.ca
>> <mailto:markgrieveson at yahoo.ca>>:
>>      The KeyRing program does not show up on my palm, despite my
>>     having installed jpilot-plugins package on my computer.  Is there
>>     something I need to the palm?  Or something else I need to do?
>> Yes, you need to install the keyring application from:
>> http://gnukeyring.sourceforge.net/download.html
>> After installing it, run it on the Palm.  It will ask you for a
>> master password and then create the Keys-Gtkr database.  Then sync
>> again and it should work in jpilot.
> Yep, and you can use J-Pilot to install it, or pilot-xfer's -i option.
>> I haven't tried it for a while.  I keep my old palm only for
>> sentimental reasons and haven't used it for several years.  I think
>> the 2.0 pre-release is not supported by jpilot (it has a different
>> database format with some crypto improvements).
> Correct.
> Judd
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