[jp] Request: more KeyRing options for JPilot

Mark Grieveson markgrieveson at yahoo.ca
Sat Dec 31 16:02:16 EST 2016

Hello.  Again just wanted to say thanks for JPilot.  Great program. I 
still use my Palm (Tungsten E).  I also use KeyRing.  When generating a 
password with KeyRing on my Palm, it gives various options like length, 
use of different characters, and whether the password should be 
pronounceable or not.  I can't get JPilot on my computer to do this 
though.  Is there a way to enable such options on JPilot (particularly 
the pronounceable option)?  Or could this be an added feature of KeyRing 
in the future?

I'm using JPilot 1.8.2, and KeyRing 1.1.


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