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Fri Jan 30 23:19:03 EST 2015

would be much easier to just be able to run from user,  I use kubuntu and 
can log in as root but maybe have done it twice in 5 yrs or so.  used to 
do it in Red Hat all the time, probably too much.
   I am running 12.4  32bit but started with this problem when I put in a 
new motherboard and quad core precessor,   not sure why it is different as 
jpilot worked on old motherboard/processor.


On Fri, 30 Jan 2015, Jose wrote:

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> bob wrote:
>> All of the jpilot commands are owned by root. What is different when you
>> start from a terminal using sudo. I don't know.
> Depends on how you are logging in.  If you are on Ubuntu, there is no root 
> account. It is impossible to log in as root - that way it's harder for an 
> attacker to gain full access to the system.  So, the only way to execute 
> commands that only root can do is to use sudo ("do this one command as if I 
> were logged in as root").
> In other Linux systems, it is possible to log in as root, but normally one 
> does not do this.  Sudo has the same effect here.  But for those systems, you 
> should also be able to log in as root and run the command without sudo, 
> because you are already root.
> Jose
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