[jp] jpilot 64 bit download

Jose teacherjh at aol.com
Fri Jan 30 23:01:48 EST 2015

bob wrote:
> All of the jpilot commands are owned by root. What is different when you
> start from a terminal using sudo. I don't know.

Depends on how you are logging in.  If you are on Ubuntu, there is no 
root account. It is impossible to log in as root - that way it's harder 
for an attacker to gain full access to the system.  So, the only way to 
execute commands that only root can do is to use sudo ("do this one 
command as if I were logged in as root").

In other Linux systems, it is possible to log in as root, but normally 
one does not do this.  Sudo has the same effect here.  But for those 
systems, you should also be able to log in as root and run the command 
without sudo, because you are already root.


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