[jp] Sync Problem After Reboot [RESOLVED]

Lucas Levrel llevrel at yahoo.fr
Sat Jan 17 05:08:53 EST 2015

Le 16 janvier 2015, Rich Shepard a écrit :

>  No kernel modules. Checking the patches for Slackware-14.1 I don't see any
> that appear related to usb.

Do you seek help on Slackware forums also?

>>  Note that jpilot's setting wouldn't affect kernel messages. Also the sync
>>  itself doesn't give any messages in /var/log/messages, only the connection
>>  (I can connect my Palm Zire and sync it independently, maybe you can't
>>  with your model).
>  I was looking at the connections. Don't know what you mean by an
> independent sync; using pilot-xfer?

I mean that the messages appear when I plug in my Palm (which 
automatically turns it on) or when I turn it on by hand (if it has 
been turned off after being plugged in), regardless of Jpilot running, and 
regardless of me pressing the sync button. Launching Jpilot and pressing 
the sync button don't give any messages in /var/log.
(I don't have a button on my connector cable, which is a regular 
USB-microUSB cable, so I don't know what it's supposed to do when you 
press it.)

>>  Here I also get messages from modules "usbcore" and "usbserial". Do you
>>  have these in your installation or package repositories?
> /sys/module/usbcore
> /proc/tty/driver/usbserial
> /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usbserial
> /sys/module/usbserial

Are they loaded when the Palm is connected? If not, maybe try to load them 
by hand before connecting. (Here lsmod shows usbserial and visor, not 
usbcore; yet all three give messages in /var/log.)

>>  I have both too. It's not a problem, those are just symbolic links to the
>>  relevant /dev file.
>  OK. It's been a while since I tailed /var/log/messages and I've forgotten
> what is normal.

I did a mistake, the files under /dev/serial/... are the symlinks, the 
/dev/ttyUSBx files are the "true" device files. But here I also have both 
0 and 1, so I still think it's not a concern. Did you try setting up 
Jpilot to use ttyUSB0 instead of ttyUSB1?

Lucas Levrel

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