[jp] Notes on migrating to KDE and Radicale

Tom Russell tmst8 at fastmail.net
Sat Jan 31 14:13:02 EST 2015

Maybe some of this can be useful to somebody...

30/3/14 (Sun)
Palm (Treo)
	downloaded, installed db-plugins (on Treo)
		including mobile-db-plugin
	can now access my MobileDB data
	Dowloaded JPilot-db
		neat little Java pgm
		runs fine w/ current Java

3/6/14 (Tue)
	can't sync Calendar
		fast_sync_application: Unable to open file: CalendarDB-PDat
	Made sure everything seems okay
		Calendar, Datebook dbs in place in JPilot/ and on Treo
	rebooting computer

28/7/14 (Mon)
	Worked on getting b-folders to sync
		Suse firewall:
			turned off: works
			opened port 8114 (Services->Advanced->TCP ports: 5232 8000 8080 
			new custom service
				internal/external port(s): 8114(-8114)
				intern IP addr: (Linux box)
				Sync settings (Tools->Prefs->Sync):
					port: 8114
					serve sync requests: yes (checked)
					addr: (android device on local network)
						note: this can change
						TODO: determ how to turn on peer discovery
			Android (LGL38C)
				port: 8114
				serve sync requests: yes
			Specify Android IP on local network in B-folders on Linux
			Initiate sync from B-Folders linux
		Done (woo hoo!)
	Exported Keyring data
			to CSV format
			Created folders at top level for categories
			selected "import CSV"
			Mapped fields

3/8/14 (Sun)
	sync calendar(s) using CalDav-sync
			default config
				collections in /var/lib/radicale
			system log contains entries for connections
			daemons log contains debugging output
				added /var/log/radicale to KSystemLog 
			configured to start/stop using system Runlevels dialog
				thus solving problem of handling startup after reboots
			Todo: secure w/ SSL, password
			worked around funky problem of filesystem directories
				created new /var/lib/radicale/calendars/
					nothing else worked!
				user: tom
				pass: <left empty>
			After adding the acct and syncing, files were added to 
			After adding an event to the Android calendar, a new file was 
				this IS the calendar file (!)
			So, CalDav sync mistakenly names the new calendar after the 
			 element of the URL pathname rather than the user
				this really threw me
	Figured out how to easily force sync in Kontact
		Hit F5 (To "Refresh folder list") in Kontact (!)
		Previously I was forced to open the CalDav Calendar configuration 
		 and closing it would trigger a sync. 
			Why does the view on local clients (Konqueror, Kontact) get 
			 immediately when another local client issues a change to the 
				Obviously, the radicale file is being updated immediately, 
so why
				 does it take a "refresh folders" (in Konq, etc) when 
				 processes a change?
				 from a remote client?
	Loaded full calendar into Android
		exported all events from JPilot (iCalendar format)
		imported into existing Kontacts calendar
		did sync w/ CalDav-sync
			had various problems
				long waiting time to load
				ambiguous calendars when loaded
				not operations possible without active Inet connect
				lots of activity over Inet port
		killed CalDav-sync, wrote nasty report on Google Play
			regarding slowness, Inet activity

		Connecting Kontact to Radicale contacts files
			sticking .vcf files into .../calendars/tom/
			follow directions for KOrganizer on Radicale website
				bingo - the files just show up
					but they are missing contacts
					some success with exporting from Korganizer using 
					 file .vcf format 2.1 (rather than 3.xx)
		Connecting to Android
			Using CardDav to Radicale
				Downloaded trial version from Play store
				Must specify the file directly, otherwise can't find 
				Managed to import some contacts into calendar, but they 
can't be
				 edited. So that doesn't do me much good :-(

4/8/14 (Mon)
Playing w/ CalDav some more
	seeing if config is poss w/out Internet connection
	set up static route in router
	To DO: Set up "Address Reservation" in "LAN Setup" of router
		assign to linux box
		this will also help when running a web server, etc
Figured out how to cut off Inet access while keeping the LAN alive!
	see http://superuser.com/questions/710954/linux-command-line-fastest-way-to-disable-internet-keeping-lan
# find the gateway
sh-4.2# GW="$(sudo /sbin/route -n | awk '{if ($1=="") {print $2} ; 

# delete the gateway
sh-4.2# sudo /sbin/route del default gw "$GW"

# save the gateway info
echo "$GW" >~/my_tmp_file

# restore the gateway
sudo /sbin/route add default gw "$(cat ~/my_tmp_file)"
Reloaded full  JPilot calendar into Radicale
	made a new dir tree /var/lib/radicale/calendars/tom/
	exported from JPilot as ical
	copied to new dir tree
	synced w/ CalDav-sync
		1/2 hour later I have the Calendar on the Android
	I load it into Kontact
		But it doesn't display!
	logging out...
	logging in...
	no change - argh!	
Okay, figured it out. Here's the process:
	Create empty calendar in Kontact
	Sync it w/ radicale
	Import full calendar from JPilot export
	Sync w/ radicale
	Now sync radicale w/ CalDav-sync (Android)
JPilot contacts
	export VCF from JPilot
	Kontact doesn't like it, missing address and other fields
	Stumble across JPilot news
		Version 1.8.2 has bug fix for VCard
		However, there's no binary package for openSuSE
		Perhaps I can build it from source
	Successful build from source
	Exported contacts using the "optimized for Android" option
	Imported contacts into an existing Kontact DAV Resource calendar
		oops - probably should have imported directly to phone
			using phone's "Import from storage"

13/8/14 (Wed)
Trying to export Palm MobileDB databases to CSV
	found, again, JPilot-Db
	runs under current Java
	unable to open PDB (e.g., Shopping List.pdb)
	after several restarts, can now see my records!
	tip: set the working directory to the directory containing the Palm
	 databases you want to extract
	Ignore first null pointer exception on download. 2nd is success.
	Works only for databases that are created using PalmDB, not those created
	 in MobileDB - duh.
		Load Palm Desktop on wine
		Install MobileDB-PC for Windows (see tucows.com) using wine
		See if there's an export option
	Bingo. The above works like a charm.
	Copied all MobileDB databases to ~/Desktop/calendars/<db>.CSV
	Am now completely free of Palm device.
		Woo hoo! Wah. :-(

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