[jp] devices?

Alan Wehmann alan.wehmann at gmail.com
Tue May 27 10:17:49 EDT 2014

My device is a Palm Tungsten E2.  I have several of them (from e.g. Ebay) and was delighted to find that Jpilot allows me to sync with my MacBook Air 13 (mid 2013).  I found Jpilot in the MacPorts and Fink distributions.  I used the MacPorts distribution to do the build.  At the time the Jpilot version there was old, so I built it myself, but since then the maintainer updated the version.  I am excited to try out the just-released version & am equally excited that Judd still does new version releases.

During testing of syncing with Jpilot I did find that the Location for Calendar events isn’t present, nor is the web address for Contacts.  I’ll have to see if version 1.8.2 supports these fields.

I have Dataviz Smartlists on my Palm Tungsten E2 (used to be called ThinkDB).  I have a promising lead on syncing those databases to my Mac as well.

When the younger folk wonder why I keep this old device going I point out that a stylus is much narrower than a finger and that because of that, much more information can be packed on the screen (which also means that the screen has to be in good shape).

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