[jp] J-Pilot 1.8.2 released

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Sun May 25 00:15:22 EDT 2014

I just released J-Pilot 1.8.2.  The VCard export should work now.  It 
has an option to export memos and keyring to B-Folders and KeePassX.

I've been exporting jpilot memos and keyring to keepassx and using 
keepassdroid on android.  Keeping them in sync can be done using dropbox 
or I use ownCloud.  If anyone is interested I can write something up.

Major Changes:
- Many bug fixes
- Fixed VCard output
- Added export for B-Folders
- Added export for KeePassX
- Changed the "enye" letter in Manana to an "n", got tired of it causing 
problems (Ma\303\261ana to Manana)
- Made lots of stupid code changes to make the compiler warnings go away


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