[jp] Pilot-sync emulation

Shapeshifter910 shapeshifter910 at shaw.ca
Fri Jan 31 09:50:59 EST 2014

I agree 100% with you.
If I knew how to code I would've already written a sync app for my 
Android phone and tablet.
I'll never use (out of ideological principle) server sync provided by 
Google and also Mozilla. I'm not using my bookmarks from desktop Firefox 
now on my phone and tablet because other than online sync there is no 
way to get them onto the phone (other than manually typing them in, and 
I have thousands of bookmarks).
Ireally miss the timeswhen I had the same info on my computer and on my 
Pilot and all it took was to plug the Pilot in for a minute.
I don't miss though the drifting Pilot screen and getting all data 
erased when walking outside in freezing temperatures for a bit ;)

On 01/14/2014 08:35 PM, James E. LaBarre wrote:
> I've wondered what it would take to add a pilot-sync conduit emulation 
> to Android.  Make it something that calendar, address & to-do apps on 
> the Android device could address.  I'm thinking that could be a way to 
> get something approaching PalmOS functionality on newer devices.  I 
> really think relying on sync servers halfway around the world, or 
> having to run a whole server (and hope you can find a desktop that 
> will work with that server).  Again; under PalmOS you could do a 
> direct sync over USB directly to your computer; there's no reasonable 
> reason (other than arrogant decisions from Google and other providers) 
> that you shouldn't be able to do it on hardware that is (supposedly) 
> well advanced from even the Palm Centro, etc.
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