[jp] Treo 680 connect by USB to JPilot V1.8.1.2 on Mint Petra 64

A.D. Burrows burrowsad at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 15:26:48 EST 2014

Thanks everybody who offered help. I have it fixed now.
- I checked my groups and i was not in the dialout group. I edited
etc/group to add myself to dialout, then had to restart Mint to make
the change take effect.
- I also noticed that my home/[me]/.jpilot folder was not public. I
needed to look up how  to change permissions, but somehow rutebook
hadn't moved where Firefox could find it when I upgraded; I added it
back from my saved files. Then I had to use chmod to change the
permissions on rutebook so I could look up how to use chmod. (I
eventually figured it out from --help.)
- After restarting Mint, JPilot worked normally.

Thanks again to James E LaBarre, Lucas Levrel, Rich Shepard, Paul
Donlan, and Jim Seymour for your advice.

- James, thank you especially for being so prompt and thorough.
- Lucas, it usually takes only a few seconds for JPilot to find my
Treo when it can so if it can't, I just cancel the sync at both ends,
I don't give it minutes to shut down. I'm pretty sure anyway that it
doesn't. I have unchecked "Synchronize KeyRing" in preferences, thanks
for that advice.
- Rich, thanks for the tips on editing. I want to double-check the
permissions on jpilot and pilot-xfer, just to be sure; where are they,
- Paul, your suggestion was a key diagnostic step in figuring this
out, thanks a million!
- Jim, you were also right.

-- ADB

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