[jp] Palm Tungsten E2 won't sync anymore in Ubuntu (solved)

Jose teacherjh at aol.com
Wed Jan 1 15:51:46 EST 2014

So back in September I wrote about my Tungsten E2 refusing to sync, and 
the various incantations I tried.  Well, the problem turned out to be 
hardware - specifically the connection between the Palm and the sync 
cable.  If I pushed hard, I made a connection and it worked.  If I 
didn't, then the connection was no good and the computer did not see the 
palm.  I looked at the connector on the palm itself and the gold 
contacts looked worn.

So, that was probably it.  I've been synching reliably ever since.

Synch is slower, however, than I had been used to before (when I had a 
plain old Tungsten E)  and I also note that the E2 won't read a card 
bigger than 64meg (the E could read a two-gig card).  This is surprising 
to me, but I've put up with it.

So anyway, that's the scoop.


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