[jp] Importing Data to Contacts

Shapeshifter910 shapeshifter910 at shaw.ca
Wed May 8 15:30:38 EDT 2013

On 05/06/2013 03:15 PM, Rich Shepard wrote:
>   I looked in the most recent jpilot user manual and found nothing 
> about how
> to import new records into the contact database. I have a couple of 
> hundred
> rows in a .csv file that I would like to import in bulk rather than 
> one at a
> time.
>   Please pass me a pointer on how to organize the data so jpilot will
> accept it.
> Thanks,
> Rich
Well, Jpilot does csv import.
You'll need to organize your csv file so the fields match the ones in 
You can do that in a spreadsheet application like Excel or Libreoffice 
Calc and save back to csv format.
I would fill one record's all fields with sample data just to test the 

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