[jp] Goodbye, and thanks for all

Johan Vromans jvromans at squirrel.nl
Wed Jul 17 03:12:35 EDT 2013

Laurent ROCHE <laurent_roche at yahoo.com> writes:

> Have you tried Mozilla apps (/Sunbird/ et /Lightning) ?

Yes, of course.

The Sunbird project was cancelled more than a year ago.

There used to be a lightning for Firefox, but that was discontinued long

So the only option is to use Lightning with Thunderbird, which is not
exactly a lean, light and fast tandem. It may be viable if you already
use Thunderbird for email.

A possible alternative is CalDAVzap/CardDAVmate, an HTML5
calendar/contacts program although this is slow in its initial starting

None of these solutions have the ease-of-use, elegance and speed of

-- Johan

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