[jp] Goodbye, and thanks for all

Russ Button russ at russbutton.com
Tue Jul 16 15:55:02 EDT 2013

On 07/16/2013 12:37 PM, Jack Haverty wrote:
> Consider some kind of calendar server, "syncing" with a couple of PDAs 
> occasionally.  Perhaps you and your spouse both have some kind of 
> smartphone and you use them to coordinate your schedules.

You can already do that with Google calendar from your Android phones.

The only thing I'm paranoid about is my password safe.  I'm not going to 
sync that to the cloud.  But to my mind, things like my calendar and 
contacts don't require the same level of paranoia.

There is no such thing as privacy any more, but I'd like to think I can 
keep my passwords safely locked up if I pay attention.


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