[jp] Goodbye, and thanks for all

James E. LaBarre j.e.labarre at gmail.com
Tue Jul 16 13:48:07 EDT 2013

On 07/15/2013 05:49 PM, Jack Haverty wrote:
> I'm using an app called "Foldersync", which is similar to rsync. It
> allows me, for example, to keep a folder on my Nexus 4 identical to a
> folder on my desktop.  The sync options include the ability to sync to a
> remote (e.g., on my desktop) folder specified as an SMB shared folder.
> So you don't need any software on the server side other than the typical
> SMB server daemon.  Syncing does not go through the cloud - it goes
> directly between my Nexus and my desktop over my LAN.

The problem with anything like Foldersync is it's a file-level sync; 
PalmOS/jpilot operates on a record-level sync.  Not much good if you 
want to use a system offline, then replicate the changes later.  (ugh, I 
had to use the word "replicate"; makes me think of Lotus Notes).  Even 
OwnCloud appears to be file-level from what I saw on their website.   My 
own particular Android device is a rooted Nook Tablet, so no phone 

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