[jp] Almost don't want to ask here....

accessys at smart.net accessys at smart.net
Mon Aug 26 13:25:04 EDT 2013

and so far no one has ever hacked my address book.  because I 
"technically" don't have one.

and I always carry a "real" camera have since I was a kid am pretty 
serious amatuer photographer and these camera/phones just don't have the 
flexibility I demand even in my "Carry camera"

with film it was an Olympus even half frame for awhile. now a small 
Canon.  would leave my phone home before my camera.


On Mon, 26 Aug 2013, Jim Seymour wrote:

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>> I personally do not like all in one devices, ...
> I think it sometimes it makes sense.  At work the border router is
> separate from the firewall.  Both at work and at home the WiFi AP(s)
> are separate from the LAN switches.  But where EDC (every day carry)
> personal tech is concerned?  To me it's a no-brainer.  I don't even
> want to have to carry *two* devices, much-less three or four.
> I can take a picture and _instantly_ send it somewhere, if I wish.  I
> can search for a business and map it or have its phone number brought
> up in my dialer.  I can look up a contact and phone, IM or email them
> with a single "click."  I can take notes, wherever I am, look at them
> later, email them, what-have-you.
> I have done _all_ of these things, just w/in the last week.  And
> that's just off the top of my head.  None of them were contrived uses,
> either. I actually had to remember I had the tool at-hand when the need
> arose.
>>  (I'm a belts and
>> suspenders kind of guy)
> [snip]
> So am I, but what you're describing isn't "belt and suspenders."  Belt
> and suspenders is "two or more things used to accomplish a single
> task, each of which can stand on its own."  An example is my having a
> separate border router (with it's own limited firewalling capability)
> and firewall.
> Arguably, by having say, your addressbook separate from your
> communications device, you've introduced an extra point-of-failure into
> your ability to contact someone.
> What you *do* accomplish is "security by isolation."  (Cue Battlestar
> Galactica ;).)  Nobody's going to hack your addressbook via your
> handset.
> Regards,
> Jim
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