[jp] Maemo vs Android - Where do we go post Palm OS?

Jim Seymour jseymour at linxnet.com
Fri Jan 21 11:51:48 EST 2011

> From: "James E. LaBarre" <j.e.labarre at gmail.com>
> So this demonstrates yet another major downside to the lemming rush into 
> "smartphones".
>                            Somehow we have moved significantly BACKWARDS 
> technologically here.

The "somehow" is obvious.  People have become so accustomed to
believing the marketers and buying-up the latest bling the marketers
tell them They Just Have To Have, that few actually stop to *think*
about the implications of what they're being told to do anymore.

Consider: Here we are, in a day-and-age where computer- and
network-enabled things, and peoples' blind obedience to them,
have made identity theft a major problem, and nobody apparently
stops to wonder if putting all their most personal, most important
information on a net-connected data device, with storage in some
amorphous "cloud," is a good idea?


>                        We should not need a host server anywhere in the 
> equation, it should work device to device.

That would not serve the goals of the corporations.  I don't
mean to sound like some kind of anti-capitalist, anti-business,
left-"liberal," whale-saving, tree-hugging, commie pinko nutjob or
anything--just a realist.  For-profit corporations are in business
to make money.  They're not in business to give you what you want,
or even need, but to get them what they want and need.  They get
that by convincing their market that what it needs is what they
want to sell.  They *really* like to sell lock-in.  The more
dependant upon them you are, the better it is for them.

These new "smart" phones are great for the sellers.  They're moving
customers from being dependent upon them for phone service to being
dependent upon them for their *everything*.

Well, most of their customers, anyway.  Some of us they ain't gonna
get ;).

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