[jp] Re : Maemo vs Android - Where do we go post Palm OS?

Laurent ROCHE laurent_roche at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 21 04:46:56 EST 2011


I have been using an Android device (HTC Legend) for about 5 months now.
I am not completely happy about it, but it has strong points ... and drawbacks 
too: you may follow the saga of my migration and usage on my blog.

Unfortunately, I moved a lot of data to the Cloud (mainly Google) to make my 
life easier for syncing.
I am still hoping that SyncML (which does not exist any more under that name, 
and is now part of Open Mobile Alliance) will provide a real usable solution in 
the future:

About the apps, for me SyncML, is the way to go, to provide inter-connectivity 
between all systems.

There's a KeyRing equivalent with no sync to the cloud: Universal Password 
There's an Android and Java (hence Linux, Windows, Mac) desktop application. It 
stores information locally and synchronises your information via YOUR own cloud: 
it's just a few files (including 2 PHP scripts) to store on a web server 
(typically a directory on a server, you trust).
It's a bit rustic but it works well.

For the rest, I use the cloud.
Google for contacts and calendar. On Android, I use Jorte for the calendar (far 
better than the Android Calendar app).
I am hoping some days to be able to use a desktop app (Thunderbird) and SyncML 
... but right now, it's not working that well: not all fields are synchronised.

For notes, I am using Evernote ... and I am likely to stay with it, as it's a 
great application/service and there's a web application but a desktop too on 
Linux (Nevernote).
I realise this is not a solution for everyone, but I am not too unhappy to store 
my notes somewhere on the cloud: I have no sensitive information there ... and I 
am happy with Evernote service.
There are plenty of notes solutions on Android ... although not likely to 
satisfy all needs:

About the move from Google to the applications registering to the Cloud to be 
able to work, I suspect they will have to back down under the community 
The first version of Evernote, on Android, could only work when connected (no 
notes were stored locally), and a lot of "would be users" complained because 
they could not use the application in their conditions of use (no signal).
I hope they will back down, because that will make me change my mind completely 
about the Android platform, which is (apart from that) really good to deploy 
"company applications" (warehouses, road warriors, ...) that don't have "always 
on" connectivity.

 My 2 cents,
L at u
The Computing Froggy

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> Judd Montgomery <judd at jpilot.org> writes:
> > If I  went with the PIM apps I'd like to write:
> > KeyRing with sync
> >  Notepad with sync
> > Tasks with sync
> > A Calendar sync  adapter
> > A Contacts sync adapter


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