[jp] Maemo vs Android - Where do we go post Palm OS?

Theo Groeneveld groeneveld.theo at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 01:37:03 EST 2011

Dear Judd
Greetings from South Africa! I used Palm for many years and am now on 
Like others on this list I would like to fall noisily on my sword over 
the demise of PalmOS - but I need to move forward.

I am not a great programmer but:
1. I would be willing to test.
2. I would be willing to pay up to 30 US$ for an android app that would 
allow me to store my calendar and contact and todo detail locally on my 
HTC and sync to my local machine. I know some people don't like the 
google-cloud aspect - it is useful to me for calendars that I share, so 
optional syncing with google-calendar and contacts and something like 
"Remember the Milk" would be a huge plus.
3. If I can rustle up some spare time I'd love to start learning the 
android framework...

What app did you write for Android? I'd like to look for it on the 

Maybe the time has come to start a new discussion thread for those 
interested in the same values as we had with palmos and jpilot but ready 
to move to android (which seems to be the most "open" of the options we 
have at the moment...) Then those who aren't comfortable with newer 
devices, cloud and android don't have to read about it.

Once again, thank you for the significant contribution you have made to 
Linux and calendar apps over the years.

Theo Groeneveld
breth at greenware.co.za

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