[jp] Maemo vs Android - Where do we go post Palm OS?

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Thu Jan 20 15:40:32 EST 2011

This thread started in Sep 2009.  The user base for PalmOS and jpilot
has to be shrinking.  Here is a poll for the list:  What platform are
people going to?

I've been learning Android programming in my spare time.  I wrote my
first application, put it in the market and I feel fairly competent.
I'm thinking about my second application.  I could try to create
something to appeal to the masses, I could write something that
interests me, or I could work on a desktop sync solution along with
better PIM apps.

If I went with the PIM apps I'd like to write:
KeyRing with sync
Notepad with sync
Tasks with sync
A Calendar sync adapter
A Contacts sync adapter

This is too much work for one person.  Is there any interest in
putting together a team?  I realize this is probably the wrong place
to ask, but I figured I'd start here and I also want to see if there
is a demand for it.  Unfortunately too many users have chosen to store
their data with Google.  I get the impression that the demand for PIM
apps with sync ability is small.  What would be a fair price for PIM
apps and sync adapters?


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