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Hey Edward,

I'm very new to the entire world of Ubuntu/Linux and J-Pilot, but I find
myself saying "*it just works*" a lot!

Admittedly, the text-oriented nature of Ubuntu (getting my head around the
terminal) is going to be a challenge. However, I never got my head around
the Windows Registry either :-)

Duane Aubin
Non-Techie Talk
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> I have used jpilot for years. I have three Sony Palm Clie PEG-SJ22/U
> PDAs (one to use and two spares). While I could always get jpilot to
> sync the Clie it was never 100% reliable, with the sync sometimes not
> happening, requiring me to kill the process and start over. Also, OS
> upgrades would sometimes break jpilot requiring me to fiddle with its
> settings regarding serial port or usb, sometimes requiring one,
> sometimes the other. While this was an aggravation, jpilot was worth it.
> A
>  few months ago I purchased (on eBay for $15) a Palm Treo 650 GSM to be
> my new PDA. I did this because when I traveled internationally I would
> take both my PEG-SJ22/U PDA and a multi-band GSM Motorola V551 GSM
> cellular telephone and chargers for both. I felt that the Palm Treo 650
> would permit me to take just one device  when traveling internationally,
>  thus lightening my load.
>  At home I don't use the phone portion of the Treo? (although I tested
> it) because my primary local cellular telephone is a company provided
> Verizon CDMA telephone. In addition to the calendar and contact data,
> jpilot's integration of keyring is extremely important for me as I use a
>  different password for everything - probably about 150 in the keyring
> database.
> My accolade for jpilot concerns how extremely well
> jpilot syncs with the Treo. I works every single time and integration
> was brainless - it just worked!
> For the record, I my desktop is
> Mint-9 Linux e/w Jpilot, libpisock9 0.12.4-7, libpisync1
> 0.4.12-7, pilot-link 0.12.4-7, jpilot-plugins, libopenobex1
> 1.5-2,? keyring 1.1. My Palm Treo's version of Keyring for Palm is 1.2.3
>  (2003-10-27). The Treo's version OS version is Palm OS Garnet v5.4.8
> Everything on the desktop, except jpilot and its associated keyring, are
> from the ubuntu/mint repositories.
>  I compiled jpilot locally to fix an issue with calendar printing, which is
> very important for my luddite wife.
> Thanks - jpilot rocks!
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