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Edward Comer ecomer at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 1 23:14:43 EST 2011

I have used jpilot for years. I have three Sony Palm Clie PEG-SJ22/U 
PDAs (one to use and two spares). While I could always get jpilot to 
sync the Clie it was never 100% reliable, with the sync sometimes not 
happening, requiring me to kill the process and start over. Also, OS 
upgrades would sometimes break jpilot requiring me to fiddle with its 
settings regarding serial port or usb, sometimes requiring one, 
sometimes the other. While this was an aggravation, jpilot was worth it.

 few months ago I purchased (on eBay for $15) a Palm Treo 650 GSM to be 
my new PDA. I did this because when I traveled internationally I would 
take both my PEG-SJ22/U PDA and a multi-band GSM Motorola V551 GSM 
cellular telephone and chargers for both. I felt that the Palm Treo 650 
would permit me to take just one device  when traveling internationally,
 thus lightening my load.
 At home I don't use the phone portion of the Treo  (although I tested 
it) because my primary local cellular telephone is a company provided 
Verizon CDMA telephone. In addition to the calendar and contact data, 
jpilot's integration of keyring is extremely important for me as I use a
 different password for everything - probably about 150 in the keyring 

My accolade for jpilot concerns how extremely well 
jpilot syncs with the Treo. I works every single time and integration 
was brainless - it just worked!

For the record, I my desktop is 
Mint-9 Linux e/w Jpilot, libpisock9 0.12.4-7, libpisync1 
0.4.12-7, pilot-link 0.12.4-7, jpilot-plugins, libopenobex1 
1.5-2,  keyring 1.1. My Palm Treo's version of Keyring for Palm is 1.2.3
 (2003-10-27). The Treo's version OS version is Palm OS Garnet v5.4.8

Everything on the desktop, except jpilot and its associated keyring, are from the ubuntu/mint repositories.
 I compiled jpilot locally to fix an issue with calendar printing, which is very important for my luddite wife.

Thanks - jpilot rocks!
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