[jp] Contacts in B-Folders (Was: Re: The Palm is dead)

Johan Vromans jvromans at squirrel.nl
Thu Dec 22 10:01:16 EST 2011

Judd Montgomery <judd at jpilot.org> writes:

> I started the contacts code and its going to be a little bit of a pain
> because the fields don't match.

I've written a preliminary conversion program that reads the JPilot
AddressDB and creates a B-Folders CSV for import. It handles most of the
necessary mangling (e.g., home/work addresses, phone types).

> 300 new records sync'ed in about 2
> seconds, maybe less.  That is much quicker than I am used to!

I get differing results. Sometimes it loads my 150 contacts in a whimp,
sometimes it takes 20 seconds or longer. Haven't found a clue why.

> Do we really want Contacts in B-Folders?

Good question. Personally I think the data model of B-Folders is too
limited. E.g, it provides just a 'name' field. No
firstname/inj/lastname parts, no sortname. Same for address.

Its synching capabilities are nice.

> J-Pilot can export in a format that can be imported into the standard
> Contacts application and the sync to the cloud can be turned off.

DejaOffice data model is much better, and I have a preliminary
conversion tool that reads the JPilot AddressDB and creates a DejaOffice
import file. Unfortunately there's nothing on Linux that DejaOffice can
synch with.

> I do like the fact that I could hand someone my phone and they
> couldn't look through my contacts and the call log would only have
> numbers and not names.


-- Johan

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