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Laurent ROCHE laurent_roche at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 18 15:22:45 EST 2011

If your point is: UPM is not perfect ... then you're right.
They're many things to be improved.
But you can post on UPM forum. Or you can correct it yourself or have it 
done by someone else: this is open source.

Considering the particular point your are stating: a workaround is to 
"modify" a filed then the sync is possible.

UPM is fairly new and not used by many people but the developer is 
fairly responsive.

Any how, JPilot list is not about UPM functions and /or bugs ! ! ;-)

L at u
The Computing Froggy

Le 17/12/2011 21:58, Johan Vromans a écrit :
> Laurent ROCHE<laurent_roche at yahoo.com>  writes:
>> It seems you did not get exactly the way it works.
>> UPM does not require to be online all the time.
>> You can do read and do mofications off line ... and then sync whenever
>> you are online.
> Scenario:
>   - setup Linux client and Android client with a remote server
>   - open remove URL in Linux client
>   - modify something on Linux
>   - synch to remote server
>   - on Android, synch from remote server
>   - change something
>   - synch to remote server
> Now the next step would be to synch the Linux client from the remote
> server, however, this is not possible (the synch button is greyed out
> and stays greyed out until you change something locally).
> -- Johan
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