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Russ Button russ at russbutton.com
Sat Dec 17 11:16:55 EST 2011


If you were to contact the company that makes B-folder and tell 'em that you 
have a customer base waiting that would buy the product if you were just given a 
spec, I'll betcha they'd come across.


On 12/16/2011 09:47 PM, Judd Montgomery wrote:
> On 12/14/2011 01:49 PM, Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
>> On Android, I use and like B-Folders (FREE)
>> for secure storage of e.g. passwords.
> Thanks, Ron!  I installed the Android app, added a few records and tested it 
> out.  Then I downloaded the desktop and installed it in 2 minutes.  The 
> desktop and app will find each other on the network, which is nice.  The sync 
> was fast and easy.  It doesn't handle conflicts, but that's not a huge deal to 
> me.
> This is uncannily similar to what I have been writing, but the interface is 
> much different and I wouldn't have probed the network.  I was even going to 
> write the desktop in Java for the non-Linux people.
> The data is password protected and encrypted on the phone and on the desktop.  
> This is nice.
> If the company would tell me how to write to their desktop database I could 
> sync jpilot contacts, notes, todos, and keyring to it.  The only thing left 
> would be the Calendar.  It would be trivial to export jpilot data to a CSV 
> format for b-folders for a one-time import.
> The closed source is a big downer.
> Judd
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