[jp] Jpilot wish list - Android phone related

russ at russbutton.com russ at russbutton.com
Wed Dec 14 13:13:50 EST 2011

Earlier this year I went Android.  My Treo 680 got handed down to my 
son.  I exported my contact list from jpilot and was able to import it 
to Google contacts, and then with a whole lotta manual editing, get it 
right in Google contacts.  I did 20 contacts a day and after a few 
weeks, had it all done.

Yeah. Ugly.  But I'm now there.  I'm not worried about my contacts 
being in the cloud.  The only thing I'm really concerned about is my 
password safe.  So I'm going to try to get that funambol thingy working 
one of these days.


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