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Shapeshifter910 shapeshifter910 at shaw.ca
Wed Dec 14 05:26:12 EST 2011

No, I haven't reported the bugs.
The export bug has been ongoing for years and was reported before.
I figured Jpilot has been in maintenance mode for last few years since 
there have been so few changes.
I'm now using Thunderbird to hold my contact and calendar data (although 
I haven't been using the calendar much).
The Thunderbird addressbook actually works ok so far with the Android 
I have not resolved my notes yet.
I used Jpilot memo pad for notes. I didn't have many but it was useful 
and the categories could be edited and new ones added so it was ok. But 
no interface for quickly switching between categories, like a toolbar or 
tabs so I didn't use it as much as I'd like and only kept around 40 
memos there.
For years I've been using simple text files for notes since I couldn't 
find a good, multiplatform, portable note program. So I do with less but 
I can get to my text files from anywhere, even over ssh from my phone to 
my computer remotely if I need one I don't have on the phone. And 
they're quick to copy and easy to access with just any program that can 
open plain text files.
But yeah, I wouldn't mind trying a more sophisticated note or 
knowledge-base system.
DejaOffice runs only on the phone, I need something on my computer as I 
spend a lot of time in front of the computer, more than with my phone.
And not only it's not open source (which is one of my requirements), 
it's Windows only, they don't even have a Mac version yet, never mind 
Linux one.
Yeah, I'm not putting any new data to Jpilot any more and once I 
transfer my notes out of it I'll probably remove it so it's not 
distracting me.
I wish I could keep using it but it just doesn't meet my needs any more.
The limited and broken export being the main problem, but I'm missing 
some basic features too, like status line with total records. Right now 
I can't even tell how many contacts I have in there.

On 12/14/2011 12:53 AM, Johan Vromans wrote:
> Shapeshifter910<shapeshifter910 at shaw.ca>  writes:
>> Anyway, sorry for the long post. But I figure if it'll help someone to
>> get their data onto the phone, then so be it.
> No problem. It's an very interesting and illustrative post.
> Also, you point out some problems with CSV and vCard export which I
> think may be bugs in JPilot. Did you report these as bugs? A real
> solution is always better than individual workarounds :)
>> So to recap the tools used:
>> Jpilot to csv
>> Edit csv in Libreoffice Calc
>> Import csv into Thunderbird addressbook
>> Use MoreFunctionsforAddressbook extension to export to Vcard (vcf)
>> Copy vcf onto Android phone and "tap" from file-manager to initiate
>> import.
> I'm working on a similar project, although I prefer to write the
> necessary conversion programs myself.
> Reading your story, I wondered where you maintain your data. I
> understand that you abandoned JPilot (and the Palm) and are now using
> the Android Contacts app with Thunderbird on the desktop, is that right?
> My personal (and current) approach is to use JPilot for major
> maintenance, with Palm and Android as 'portable extensions' (in a
> material sense). I currently aim at using DejaOffice since its data is
> stored locally and the data model is capable of dealing with JPilot's
> data. I have a working import where the raw JPilot addressbook is
> processed into SQL statements that insert the data into the DejaOffice
> SQLite database. Copying the files is trivial, The biggest part of the
> conversion is to deal with different address and phone types.
> That's why I consider vCard import/export insufficient since vCards
> cannot deal with the way address and phone types are used in JPilot.
> -- Johan
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