[jp] The Palm is Dead

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Mon Dec 12 19:13:09 EST 2011

> Jim Seymour<jseymour at linxnet.com>  writes:
>> Luckily, the data
>> plan was about $20-$30/mo. too expensive.
> For the sake of completeness, I must add that phone capabilities and
> dataplans are not of my interest. My Palm is a pocket extension to
> JPilot.
> It's that pocket extension to a good desktop calendar/task/contacts tool
> that I'm looking for.
> The reasons I'm (currently) in favour of an Android handheld with
> DejaOffice is that 1) I can root Android easily and make sure it doesn't
> do things I don't want, and 2) DJO maintains its data in a local
> database on the device, no cloud.
> -- Johan
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I'm surprised about the cost of being on-line. I am in Germany where I 
have a contract with zero minimum charges and only cost per call (14 
Euro-cent/min - I get called mostly) and 10 Euro UTMS internet 
flat-rate. I took a new Samsung Galaxy S in a contract for all inclusive 
at 20Euro/month x 24.

The problem is as before: Security of my data in a nebulous cloud. I 
still keep my data and contacts on a Mac (with PalmDesktop until the 
latest OS-X update and then it died) and a Linux PC backed up with 
jPilot. Now I am working on a Linux box with LAMP and promising private 
cloud packages on openSUSE 11.3, that runs http://owncloud.org/, that is 
promising Palm support.

Besides, I saw that WebOS is opened for the open source community now. 
Maybe I'll keep my Treo, and Pre as it's follow-up, a wile longer and 
build a private cloud on my server for a private backup. The whole 
family want to backup to it as well, with their Androids and Pre's. It 
may be a way to migrate to MySQL like that as well.


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