[jp] The Palm is Dead

Johan Vromans jvromans at squirrel.nl
Mon Dec 12 16:43:18 EST 2011

Edward Comer <ecomer at yahoo.com> writes:

> ... so, I have to carry two devices - the Treo and my LG cellular
> telephone. [...] I would ultimately like to carry a single device that
> was both telephone and PIM.

Actually I have few problems with carrying two devices. My phone is
quite small (it's just a phone, nothing fancy) and fits in a different
pocket than the PDA. I always carry the phone, and I usually, but not
always, carry the PDA. No big pain.

> I do, however, want a local copy on my desktop that syncs with the
> phone/PIM.

I spend several hours per day behind my desktop, so for me JPilot is my
major PIM and the Palm is a portable extension to the PIM. I can,
however, imagine that other people would consider the handheld as the
major PIM. For them it is different.

> Based on what I have been reading here, the PIM function in current
> smartphones are lacking in functionality as compared to a Palm.

Given the JPilot major / handheld minor PIM approach, it doesn't matter
much if the handheld PIM is a bit more primitive, provided it can handle
all it should handle. I think DejaOffice may be such a tool.

-- Johan

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