[jp] The Palm is dead

Judd Montgomery judd at jpilot.org
Sat Dec 10 12:43:10 EST 2011

If I understand you correctly you only have a copy of your data in your 
old Treo.  Just to be sure you don't lose it do a "mkdir treo-backup", 
then "pilot-xfer -p usb: -b treo-backup".  Get a backup before you go on.

Then "mv .jpilot .jpilot-old" and start jpilot and sync the palm with 
data in it.

To sync your other treo just create a script named jp2.sh (or some name)

At the command line:
mkdir ~/jp2
chmod +x jp2.sh

Then when you run jp2.sh you'll have a separate jpilot that you can sync 
with the other Treo.

You can't sync two PalmOS devices, or sync them to the same set of data. 
  There isn't enough meta-data to make it work correctly.

If you want data on the other Palm then use jpilot or pilot-xfer to 
"install" the ContactsDB-PAdd database and the ContactsDB-PAdd database, 
etc.  Each application has a prc, which is the program and a pdb file, 
which is the database.  Only install your additional programs and data 
you need.


On 12/10/2011 06:50 AM, DrB wrote:
> Well my j-pilot seems to be!
> I did a G..O..O..D..  Ting!  I bought a second brand new Treo680 so
> when/if my existing Treo680 has a problem I can simply swap.
> That means I can use my Palm/J-Pilot until something actually superior
> turns up.  (Looks like a long wait)
> BUT when I tried to sync jpilot data to the new Palm (redtreo680) data
> was decimated.
> SO.. seemed like a good idea to sync from the "old" Treo (mttreo680) to
> restore j-pilot which resulted in:
> Last Synced Username-->"redtreo680"
> Last Synced UserID-->"1646950777"
>   This Username-->"mttreo680"
>   This User ID-->1375413134
> Exiting with status SYNC_ERROR_NOT_SAME_USERID
> Finished
> AND  (see attached) when I tried to "Install User" the new Palm
> details were shown and the "old" mttreo680 info was not accepted, so the
> sync with it could not occur.
> I still have all my data on mttreo680, but can transfer/store it nowhere
> else.
> Help!!!  Please!!!

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