[jp] The Palm Is Dead, Long Live WebOS-Android with ownCloud?

Ron K. Jeffries rjeffries at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 12:04:52 EST 2011

Samsung does have a 5-in. WiFi only thingie that
competes with the iPod more or less. It is not Linux
but is Android. With Deja Office you sync to your Windoze.

Before long somebody will do a similar program that
syncs with Linux.

Re: https://spideroak.com/download/referral/ecfb77f177cf3406120252f3a3ccc8be

Semi-related: I use the cloud, and I share some of the distrust
a few of you express. I selected SpiderOak because it
has a VERY strong security model. Everything is encrypted
on your Linux, Mac or Windows machine.

It is FREE for the first 2GB. It is way more flexible (and secure)
than, e.g. DropBox. If you wish to try it, consider using
this link. You'll get extra FREE storage, as will I. ;)
If you download SpiderOak and hate it, well, that is what delete or rm
is for. Please consider clicking the link below. Yes, it helps ME grow
MY free Spider Oak storage. Is that so wrong? //laugh//


It has a sweet Sync capability among your devices, e.g. a folder
on Linux and a folder on another OS.

It also can be used across all your machines INCLUDING removable
drives with just the single licence.

yes, I like these guys. Their stake in the ground is security.

Oh, they have iPhone and Android clients also. The Android
one is beta, not as powerful as it needs to be, but improving.

Ron K. Jeffries

On Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 08:30, James Seymour <jseymour at linxnet.com> wrote:

> On Thu, 08 Dec 2011 10:19:41 -0600
> Karl Schmidt <karl at xtronics.com> wrote:
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> >
> > But why not instead of a droid, use a pocket-able ( I would say 7"
> > diagonal ) tablet running Linux? Use skype ...
> [snip]
> Because some of us don't care to be hauling-around a 7" tablet
> everywhere, things like Skype require an Internet connection and, quite
> honestly, Skype, in particular, is a bit of a joke--even compared to
> serious SIP providers, much-less real phone service?
> Regards,
> Jim
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