[jp] Printing monthly calendars to a file?

John Wilson & Diane Martin jwilsondmartin at gmail.com
Sat May 29 11:26:25 EDT 2010

Thank you for your helpful 2 e-mails Colin
When I use the cat > file.ps nothing seems to happen but file.ps appears
in my home folder :0)

On Fri, 2010-05-28 at 23:03 +0100, Colin Brough wrote:
> John Wilson & Diane Martin wrote:
> > Is it possible to print the monthly calendar to a file in the command
> > line?
> > This would allow me to e-mail my calendar to others in a variety of
> > formats via a word processor?
> Replace the 'lpr' command with 'cat > file.ps' in the "Print Command"
> box in the jpilot print dialog that pops up. The 'file.ps' will
> contain a PostScript version of your monthly printout. PostScript can
> be converted to other, more e-mail-able formats, eg to PDF via
> 'ps2pdf'. At the command line:
> 	ps2pdf file.ps file.pdf
> The margins issue may be because you are using a different size of
> paper than jpilot's default. At the top of the print dialog there is
> the option to select either A4 paper or US Letter. The code was
> originally written to fit on A4 paper, so may not quite so neatly fill
> all of a US Letter sheet (it is scaled so it doesn't go off the page,
> but the ratio of length to width on the two sizes of paper is not the
> same).
The margin issue seems to be related to my laptop. Printing is perfect
on my desktop as long as I specify US letter in he dialogue box.Using
the same printer on my laptop I loose the little penguin who I think is
However when I print the file in my Home folder the problem is solved.
Thank you

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