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Colin Brough Colin.Brough at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu May 13 05:56:58 EDT 2010

Edward Comer wrote:
> I recently loaded the latest version of jpilot to solve a problem with 
> the mini-month printing, but now I see another issue - not a bug, per 
> se, rather a change that I don't like. On some months, like last month, 
> the 30th and 31st day print at the top of the calendar, before the 
> first. This is annoying to me - not at all standard as calendars go. 
> This is important to me as I print out the calendars for my luddite wife.

This isn't a change, but has been the behaviour since I wrote the code
originally - its substantially there in 0.99.3 from 2001/early 2002.
The challenge is that there are a few occasions when to display a
month requires 6 rows. Eg May 2010, printing with the first day of the
week as Monday:

1st is a Saturday, so there is a row for 1st & 2nd
Row for 3rd-9th
Row for 10th-16th
Row for 17th-23rd
Row for 24th-30th
Then there is Monday 31st, so another row...

This doesn't happen often, and unless we write a whole special case
(with boxes smaller vertically and lots of white space in the top and
bottom rows), then the existing solution is the best I can come up




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