[jp] Secondary datebooks

Ludovic Rousseau ludovic.rousseau at free.fr
Sat Sep 19 10:36:19 EDT 2009

Eric Maryniak a écrit :
> I'd like to second Johan's proposal.
> And not because I'm also Dutch ;-)
> Although: I'm still using my Palm Vx with J-Pilot much to my satisfaction.
> I know, not as fancy as a Palm Centro or what have you, but it does exactly
> what I need (and not more), is fast and has excellent battery life.
> But as Johan notes as well, my datebook becomes slower and slower as it
> fills up. As I'm using it as a sort of diary as well, I don't want to purge
> date entries (still plenty of memory).
> So a possibility to save, say, all pre-2009 entries to a read-only datebook
> and then purge them from the Palm, would be great.
> I'd even be willing to pay for this substantial functionality increase.
> How's that for a Dutch treat? ;-)

What you want is to purge records on your Palm but still have them 
visible in J-Pilot.
When I ask the datebook application to purge records I can check a 
"Archive on PC" checkbox. This is not supported by J-Pilot AFAIK but 
that would answer your problem.


  Dr. Ludovic Rousseau

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