[jp] Maemo vs. Android

Russ Button russ at russbutton.com
Thu Sep 17 15:25:15 EDT 2009

But the point of jpilot is to backup/sync the smart phone's own 
calendar, contacts database, etc.  If you run jpilot on the phone 
itself, wouldn't it then just be another application but not interact 
with the phone's own calendar, contacts database and dialing function?

What would be the point?

Does the Maemo have its own backup/syncing program?  If so, might there 
be a way to port the jpilot database over to the Maemo tool and thus 
populate the Maemo with contacts and calendar?


Karl Schmidt wrote:
> Judd Montgomery wrote:
>> On 09/16/2009 05:26 PM, Karl Schmidt wrote:
>>> So one could actually run jpilot on the phone - hmm...
>> I don't see a reference to jpilot in the link you sent.  Are you 
>> talking about running it on the Maemo platform, or Android?  I've 
>> heard of people running it on Maemo for a while and I suppose it 
>> could run on Android.  I just hadn't heard about anyone doing that yet.
> Sorry, what I wrote was not clear - because it has a real linux 
> desktop - there would be no reason you could not run jpilot on the 
> phone --- I think the idea is amusing - and if there is some feature 
> of jpilot missing from some other user calander/conacts/memo-program - 
> you really could just run jpilot ON the phone... sortof a weird idea - 
> but then think - sync would be simply connecting and running rsync...
> It also would provide a way to support jpilot information that we have 
> collected over the years - best evolution path I can think of...
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