[jp] Synchronicity Comparison Amongst Platforms

Jim Seymour jseymour at linxnet.com
Thu Sep 10 08:25:50 EDT 2009

Jon Schewe <jpschewe at mtu.net> wrote:
> Oh, I like having my Phone and PDA combined so I don't need to carry two
> devices, nor do I need to sync my contact lists between the two devices.

Agreed 100%.  I use my Palm now, more than ever, now that I have a

> But I have very little desire to have my PDA connected to the Internet
> all of the time.

This may sound odd in this day-and-age, but I'll go even further: I
have absolutely no desire whatsoever to have my phone/PDA connected to
the 'net all the time.  I certainly don't want it *dependent* on the
'net.  In fact: I'm not subscribed to data services atm (other than
text messaging), and really don't notice the lack.  I *absolutely* will
not have my phone's backup/archive/whatever data store in the hands of
some 3rd party, and my "desktop" phone/PDA applications run over the
'net, hosted by some 3rd party.

Holy smokes: Has *nobody* learned *anything* from the nearly constant
stream of data/privacy breaches these days?  Apparently not :(.

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