[jp] jppy example requested

Tom tmst at nethere.com
Tue Sep 22 13:50:16 EDT 2009

I'm looking at using jppy in a couple of scripts I need to query my task 
list. I want to query the JPilot database for all tasks that

* Were completed on a particular date, or
* Contain that particular date in the Note field

For each matching task, I want to output either the Task and the first 
few lines of the Note or, in the case of the Note field matching, just 
the few lines down from the matching date.

An example of a matching Note field would be:
Performed system update

My JPilot is configured with this date format.

I don't use my JPilot (or any other) calendar extensively, but would 
like to query it as well and output events for a given date along with 
the aforementioned task data.

You see, in addition to all the information in JPilot, I've also got a 
couple dozen text files logging my various activities. These have dates 
in the above format. I already have scripts to query these.

I'll probably want to specify a date range but can easily code this 
myself in Python once I have date query function.

I'm also thinking I'll one day populate a read-only calendar(s) with all 
this to make a diary of sorts, by my immediate objective is to merely 
find out what I was doing at a given time.

Perhaps someone wouldn't mind sharing a few lines of code to query the 
JPilot database and anything else of inspiration.


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