[jp] Change in event date behavior

Paul Erickson paule at sfu.ca
Sun Sep 6 07:40:24 EDT 2009

I have been using jpilot for a long time, and just noticed a change in 
that I hope there is some way to change. On my Fedora 11 boxes with 
jpilot 1.62
When I change the date on an event, I am taken to the new date. Is there 
any way
of changing this so that I remain at the current date? The reason is, if 
I have
a repeating event that does not have a consistent frequency I used to be 
able to
simply copy the event on the date of first occurrence, and then change 
the date
on each subsequent copy to place then throughout my calendar as needed. With
the current setup, when I change the date I am taken to the new date, 
and then
have to return to the original date and repeat the process over again. I 
the way earlier versions of jpilot handled this issue. I have checked 
the preferences
and cannot see any way to reconfigure this. If there is a way, would 
knowing how to do so. Otherwise is there a way of making this behavior a 
configurable option?

Thanks in advance.

cheers, Paul - VA7NT - email: va7nt at telus.net

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