[jp] dumb icon question

Tom tmst at nethere.com
Wed Sep 2 12:36:23 EDT 2009

On Monday 20 July 2009, Tom wrote:
> Greetings,
> I have an urgent matter to bring to the attention of the group :-)
> I'm using a recent tarball of JPilot and, while the included icons
> appear in most of the desired places in KDE, there is no pretty green
> JPilot icon but instead the big gray X in the display when
> Alt-tabbing between applications.
> I just checked to be sure that my other GTK applications, e.g.
> Audacity, do not behave the same but instead display their icons on
> the alt-tab screen.
I just happened to notice that this has somehow corrected itself and the 
pretty icon shows in the (KDE) Alt-tab display. The "Search" window 
icon is still the Gnome 'X' but the main icon is correct. Perhaps with 
my fiddling around I had "fixed" it earlier but missed it.

JPilot Tom over and out.

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