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Raphael Tennenbaum rtennenbaum at optimum.net
Sat Oct 31 10:56:46 EDT 2009

Siegfried Schilling wrote:
>> I can't suss out how to make this work.  If there aren't any records in 
>> the database, I will see an "Email" button to the left of the email 
>> field -- but if there are records, the ONLY buttons I see indicate 
>> "Dial."  it doesn't matter whether I've set "Use Address database" or 
>> "Use Contacts Database" under Preferences.
> which language do you use on your Treo? I'm using German and there's a
> kind of translation bug. Maybe it's something like that for your
> language, too. Judd gave me the following instructions:
>>> In the source code directory look in the po directory at de.po.  This 
>>> assumes that you are using the German translation.  Search for E-Mail 
>>> and then add the German translation for that. Compile, install and that 
>>> should fix your problem.
>>> You could probably just compile the po file and put it in the proper 
>>> place if you didn't want to recompile the whole package.
> Siegi
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thanks for the reply, Siegi.

perhaps it will be thought of as a defect in my character, but I'm not 
really a compiler type of person.  in fact, much as I enjoy using Linux, 
switching from OS/2 over the last two months has already kind of 
stretched me thin.  honestly it would take me a day to figure out how to 
compile something (I wouldn't even know where to look for source code). 
  finally, I am using the English jpilot, and while there may be a tip 
contained in his remedy that might be of use to me, more than likely I'm 
apt to try something that turns out to be stupid.

in any case, I hope I may safely assume that this is either a bug or an 
unimplemented feature, and not something wrong with my intelligence or 
my installation.  perhaps it will be fixed in a future release?

-rafe t.

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