[jp] JPilot, Clie & Ubuntu Karmic Koala

Edward Comer ecomer at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 31 10:06:17 EDT 2009

Somehow, my post made no sense when I read later. Must have been late. Anyway, it should have read: I haven't tested Ubuntu 9.10 with Jpilot, but I did test with gpilot and had has some unusual results. It works on gpilot correctly with /dev/pilot but locks up my Sony Clie PEG-SJ22 with USB: or /dev/ttyUSBx. I suggest trying Jpilot with /dev/pilot as the source.

I had switched from jpilot to gpilot because I had switched from Keyring version 4 database to version 5 to accommodate the Java KeyRing editor program, and Jpilot doesn't work with Keyring's version 5 database. However, I have switched back to Keyring's version 4 database and will probably go back to Jpilot on my Ubuntu machine.

The Keyring is VERY important for me.

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