[jp] double click on mailadresse should open evolution

Siegfried Schilling siegi at schilling-hab.de
Tue Oct 6 04:42:10 EDT 2009

Hello Judd,
after I found out that the translation is case sensitive and it won't
accept "E-mail" but "E-Mail", it now works like a charme. Thank you
very much!

Judd Montgomery schrieb am 23.09.2009 15:43:
> In the source code directory look in the po directory at de.po.  This 
> assumes that you are using the German translation.  Search for E-Mail 
> and then add the German translation for that.  Compile, install and that 
> should fix your problem.
> You could probably just compile the po file and put it in the proper 
> place if you didn't want to recompile the whole package.
> Judd

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