[jp] Gmail Contacts?

Frossie frossie at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 02:15:16 EDT 2009

Well, I'm not sure I want to admit this on a searchable list... anyway
my last Palm died in... 2005? The thing is, I still use jpilot to
manage my addressbook because it is such a nice, clean, straighforward
app.  Every year or so I try to drag myself to my mobile's app, or
some cloud thing, or kaddressbook or whatever, and always keep coming

I was wondering if there are any ambitions to keep the app alive by
extending the syncing functionality. In particular, syncing with gmail
contacts (yes I am aware of the abomination that is "suggested
contacts")  would essentially allow the iPhone mob to use the
application. There are both java and python client libraries that
implement the Contacts API.

(I did see some discussion of google calendar syncing on the mailing
list archives, but that is a different matter.)


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