[jp] jpilot Digest, Vol 37, Issue 3

Terry Traub terryt at terrytraub.org
Fri Sep 26 01:34:17 EDT 2008

OK I went into memo.c and hacked memo_sort() with the following line:
   // TJT 9-25-08 hack:  force it to do an alphabetic sort
   memo_ai.sortByAlpha = 1;

because for some reason get_memo_app_info is not loading this preference.  Now
it is (forcibly) sorting memos alphabetically in the gui.  When I get more time
I'll try to figure out why.

: I successfully switched to Memos.  The memo text is there.  However, the memos
: on jpilot are displayed in reverse alphabetical order, except for recently
: modified memos which are displayed first.

: On my Palm, memos continue to be correctly displayed in alphabetical order.
: How can I change jpilot to display memo lists in alpha order?
: -Terry

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