[jp] recently obtained Palm IIIe

Mark Grieveson dg135 at torfree.net
Thu Nov 13 01:04:12 EST 2008

On Wed, 12 Nov 2008 22:57:27 -0500
Mark Grieveson <dg135 at torfree.net> wrote:

> So, if anyone has any ideas about this, please let me know.  I'm
> curious if anyone else uses jpilot with a palm III.  I may try kontact
> or evolution (but I do prefer jpilot.)
> Mark

I tried kpilot, and this also did not work.  However, I tried the

mark at debian:~$ pilot-xfer  -p /dev/ttyS0  --restore  backup-directory

   Listening for incoming connection on /dev/ttyS0... connected!

Restoring backup-directory/DES Library.prc... OK
Restoring backup-directory/MemoDB.pdb... OK

This worked.  So, I now have all my data transferred onto the new
Palm.  I still cannot get jpilot to sync with it, however.  It would
be a bit cumbersome to have to always go through the odd pilot-xfer
restore procedure (and/or backup procedure) to keep my palm and desktop
in sync, though.  So, anyone with any tips on getting jpilot to properly
work, would be much appreciated.  Since pilot-link is working, and is
the backend for jpilot, I imagine it can't be that complicated to fix
whatever is ailing jpilot on my system.


PS, The serial port in jpilot is set at /dev/ttyS0, as was the case in
the pilot-xfer example above; so, that can't be the issue (and I set a
link between the /dev/ttyS0 and /dev/pilot, just in case).

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