[jp] can't sync

Larry Grant larry.grant at webpointtech.com
Thu Jun 19 10:27:14 EDT 2008

> I've followed that README, but when I get to:
>        When you hit the HotSync button on the cradle or by tapping on
>        your HotSync icon on the Palm itself, you should see something
>        similar to the following in the system logs (/var/log):
> I don't see any messages in /var/log/messages in response to hitting
> the HotSync button

This is all the more frustrating because I had been syncing fine with
the Treo 600 for so long, and I even got the Centro to sync at one
point, but it was causing the Centro to reset.  Then I went down the
"build from source" route and now I'm stuck.

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