[jp] Jpilot on maemo (N800/N810)?

Dan Stromberg strombrg at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 23:56:16 EDT 2008

On Sun, Jun 15, 2008 at 10:05 PM, Atul Chitnis <lists at atulchitnis.net>

> Hi all,
> The N800/N810 are highly popular Linux-based handheld Internet tablets (not
> phones), mostly GTK based. Amazon named the N800 as their best selling
> computer
> for 2007.
> I know that there have been attempts in the past to port jpilot to the
> maemo
> (then on the Nokia 770), which died out at some point.
> There is no real comprehensive PIM suite for maemo (the linux flavour on
> the
> N800/N810). This is based on Nokia's position that their Internet Tablets
> are
> *not* PDAs (fair enough - they are much more than that), but that is
> functionality people really need *as well*.

I agree - I'll be more likely to get a Nokia N series device when it has a
nice PIM suite on it.

> The N8x0s are basically ARM machines, run a debian-derived Linux flavour
> (complete with apt-get!), and as can be expected, there is lots of support
> for
> developers out there - complete with emulators, development environments,
> support libraries, etc.
> Sadly, I am no developer (though I wield a mean vi when creating bash
> scripts!
> :), but I was wondering if there have been any renewed attempts at porting
> jpilot to this platform?

Hey, that's a form of development.

IMO though, jpilot is probably not quite what's needed for a PDA.  It's more
for sitting on a desktop and talking to a PDA.  It might be more work than
it's worth to cut jpilot down to such a small screen.

What about familiar?  It's intended for PDA's, and IINM, includes PDA
functionality that could be used apart from the kernel and all that which
goes along with familiar.

Dan Stromberg
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