[jp] Building JPilot on SuSE 10.3 - Missing pilot-link Header Files

David A. Desrosiers david.a.desrosiers at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 15:47:38 EDT 2008

On Mon, 2008-06-16 at 12:02 -0700, Tom wrote:
> I installed the libpisync-devel package. Is there another binary which
> has the pilot-link headers? Or perhaps they're just not being found by
> JPilot's configure script?

Did you point them to the right location? That location would be the
prefix where you installed pilot-link/include, in most cases. This means
if you used --prefix=/opt/pilot-link, you would use
--with-pilot-prefix=/opt/pilot-link to have J-Pilot's configure script
look there for the pilot-link header files. 

Did you do that?

> Also, running the pilot-link configure script --with-included-popt 
> resulted in the same error during make - missing popt.h.

Did you do a 'make distclean' and remove autom4te.cache first? Building
software is not generally done by people who haven't done it before.
Every precaution is usually taken to make the errors useful and the
output sane, but that may not always be the case. With over 300 separate
Linux distributions and at least 10 different packaging systems, it gets
difficult to catch them all. 

> But the pilot-xfer and other binaries I recognize are missing from the
> build tree. There's a libpisock.la and a libpisync.la, though.

As mentioned in a previous message, did you use --enable-conduits? 

Userland conduits (like pilot-xfer) are disabled by default, unless you
specifically turn them on. 

> Something fundamental has changed, apparently. Might I have better
> luck with pilot-link 0.12.2?

I'd try using the latest stable release from the pilot-link.org website
first, for testing, and if that works, try rolling back to the version
supplied with your distribution.

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