[jp] JPilot and DatebookDB

Ralph Alvy ralph at ralphalvy.com
Thu Jun 5 12:18:42 EDT 2008

On Thursday 05 June 2008 08:15:07 am Rich Shepard wrote:
> On Thu, 5 Jun 2008, Ralph Alvy wrote:
> > Though I can't be absolutely sure JPilot is responsible for this, its
> > reliance on DatebookDB for calendar access makes me suspicious,
> > especially since it's the only app I use that does still does that.
> Ralph,
>    FWIW, the DatebookDB is all we've used for the past decade (although my
> Treo 700p allows for the Calendar, too). We've never had a corrupted
> database for any of the applets. We've lost categories if we accidently put
> in more than 10, but the records were still present as 'unfiled.'
> Rich

Actually, I would have never known about the corrupted DatebookDB if I used 
only BackupMan and not both BackupMan and RescoBackup to do my backups.  
RescoBackup tests the integrity of databases before starting the backup, 
whereas BackupMan just goes ahead with the backup without scanning. And the 
problem only happens occasionally, without an apparent pattern.

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